A logo is not as simple as it looks?

A logo is not as simple as it looks? A minor change may take your brand up or down.

The logo has turned out to be something other than a graphical component nowadays: it is an imperative piece of each brand. No big surprise that each change, even a corrective one – particularly if made to a logo that everybody perceives – mixed emotions arise. Sometimes the changes are for the better, but sometimes… Well, here are some changes made to the world’s popular logo, check and decide for yourself.

1. Facebook

The most popular social network brings a Cosmetic change on its logo without making an official statement. This is the first modification which was introduced since 2005, that is, from the beginning of the company. The changes are barely visible for the users: letter „f” has not changed, only the other letters improved – now they are reduced and more rounded.

Facebook creative director said – “We just wanted to refresh the existing logo and make them friendlier.” However, according to those who noticed it’s still “boring and devoid of charm.”

2. Google

The new logo of Google is the biggest change of the brand since 1999. It was then decided to purity typeface and four colors. Now the logo is simpler, flat and has more pastel shades.

As reported by Google – “this change of visual identification is associated with a new form of company, but also the changes taking place in the digital world.”

With the new Sans Serif typefaces, the logo appears not only cleaner but also – more modern.

3. Spotify

The most popular music service presented a new logo, which at the entrance was met with reluctance. Now the logo is flatter and fresher – but according to users, definitely… uglier.

The change in logo is not appreciated. The biggest problem is the color. Many users claim that the new shade of green is the ugliest possible. This color scheme was chosen to emphasize that the company is not technological, but a musical brand. The new green was supposed to give freshness and modernity. But the answers are …?

4. Visa

It’s not hidden that the biggest payment organization changes its logo time and then. Yet, again it was changed after 8 years. The previous logo remained untouched from 2006 to 2014. The changes were not diametrical. Visa got rid of the yellow and slightly altered the shade of blue, from light to navy.

The question arises How long will the new one last? And was the change worth it? According to many, it is a change to the downside. They say that the logo has been all too simplistic and treated nasty gradients.

5. Reebok

This is the second time Rebook changed its visual identity. The changes are not cosmetic. It influences the nature of the entire company. Since Adidas bought shares of the brand in 2006, Reebok began to put not as before on team sports, but for fitness and cross-fit.

The font remained unaltered, while the logo’s signet changed to a triangle – a reference to the letter delta. And then red was added as the second color, intended to express dynamism.

Reebok says that „the three arms of the sign symbolize the physical changes, mental and social changes, that occur in people who decide to do sport.”

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